Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Tech Task #6

For my Sixth Tech task I was asked to create a short digital story using any of the digital story telling tools that are available online.  Believe it or not I actually struggled with this task for quite a while! As soon as I saw this assignment I figured it would be super easy for me to do, but for the longest time I struggled with the task of thinking of a story worth telling.  I had a bunch of ideas for stories but every time I began working on them, I didn't like where they were going so I quit and moved on to a new idea.  Throughout the whole process I think I signed up for over 6 different digital story sites until finally settling on Google Search Stories as the means to tell my story.  I never imagined that just trying to come up with a story would be so hard! However, being the big film buff that I am, I finally decided to tell a story about a young aspiring film director and I'm satisfied with the end result of my story.
Here's my final product:

Let me know what you think!

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