Friday, 3 February 2012

Progress Report: Learning the Ukulele

So I've kind of been slacking off here and haven't been posting much about my progress on learning the Ukulele! I've actually filmed 2 more Video Blogs since I posted my first one, I just forgot to post them on my blog, so I'll post them both in this post for you to see.
Vlog #2:
This Vlog was an interesting for me because I filmed it shortly after my first one and I learned quite a valuable lesson about the Ukulele: There are two different kinds, Soprano and Tenor.  You'll be able to view the costly lesson that I've now learned in my Vlog below:

Vlog #3
I actually filmed this one quite recently (Yesterday) which was about two weeks after Vlog #2.  I feel like having learned how to play guitar over the past few years is really helping me learn how to play the Ukulele as well.  While they are both two separate instruments they do have some common elements to playing them such muscle memory for your fingers and similar use of chords and the use of Barre Chords for more advanced playing (I still haven't gotten these down on guitar, and I've been playing for two years).  However there are some very big differences that I'm having trouble adjusting to such as strumming with your index finger instead of a pick, much smaller frets and the one that I seem to have the most trouble with is holding the Ukulele between you elbow and upper body while trying to change chords without dropping it.  However I feel like I have indeed made quite a bit of progress of the last few weeks as I am able (for the most part) to play a skeleton version of the song that inspired me to learn the Ukulele, Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World.  While I am only able to play the first verse I think it's a pretty good start, I know if I keep practicing I'll be able to get the song down in no time.
Here's my third Vlog, let me know what you think! Oh and again I apologize for my guests in the background, I don't know what it is about me Vlogging that gets the attention of so many different guests!!


  1. Alec Couros let me know about your blog post on ukuleles. I am also learning to play a uke, I started a year ago Christmas when my wife bought me what she thought was a concert ukulele (later we discovered it was a tenor). Now I have a concert and two tenors, one of which was one my grandmother played when she was my age.

    I thought I would share some of my favorite resources with you. I use Ukulele Hunt to find tabs and chords for songs I want to learn.

    I love looking at the ukuleles on The Ukulele Site (it was formerly Hawaii Music Supply) They have some video lessons too that I plan on using as well.

    Ukulele Underground is another site I love. The quality of videos found here is great and I have learned a lot of different techniques there.

    I love how you are vlogging your progress. I had intended to do that, but I am a bit intimidated by the idea of it. Thanks for giving me some inspiration.

    1. @William Chamberlain, Thanks for you comment! At first I really didn't know where to look for resources on how to learn the Ukulele. I started out using to begin with and it was great, but I've been looking for some alternatives to teach me songs that I'm interested in. I've got to say after reading your post I went straight to the three sites you recommended and they are awesome. I love how big of a song selection offers you. Thank you so much for your post I really appreciate it, this will really help to further my learning on the Ukulele! If you ever find yourself reading any of my future posts please feel free to comment and hit me up with an suggestions or tips!!

  2. This is just awesome! There's one more uke to add to your collection... the concert. It is tuned the same as a soprano, but is a bit bigger, giving it a bit bigger sound at the cost of brightness.
    I LOVE the ukulele and I think this is one of the tools of the revolution!

    Short post today, but have connected with you through Alec Couros and would love to hear more about your amazing uke journey... mine is currently taking me through Peru!!

    1. @Leslie, Wow I think I need to go out and grab a concert Ukulele to finish off my collection! I just googled it, and I actually think I will go out and grab one! Since I play guitar it was a lot more difficult to play the Soprano because it was so small but the idea of a bigger Uke makes me a lot happier! Thanks for the comment, I'll keep posting my progress and please feel free to continue to comment as I would love to learn from you and hear about hour journey!

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