Sunday, 1 April 2012

Ukulele Update 9

To my amazement I only have one V-log for you to check out in this post! Usually I like to post two v-logs per blog post because I tend to talk forever in the first V-log and then get to the playing in the second.  Well do I ever have a treat for you today.  Somehow I managed to cut down the amount of time I talk and filled it with some of my Ukulele Skills!
Today's update is a little bit different from my past ones because I'm not actually posting about my progress on "Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World". Today I'm working on an entirely new song that I will be able to play for my next Jam Session with Kirk and Nick.  The last time we talked, we decided we should put a little more work into a song individually before we actually get together to play and record our results. There was quite a bit of controversy over what song we were going to play together at our next Jam session.  Kirk was really adamant that we learn his favourite song ("Friday" by Rebecca Black) and Nick was even more demanding that we learn his favourite song ("Baby" by Justin Bieber).  However, they both heard the voice of reason and agreed to my selection (Let it Be by the Beatles)
Below you will find my first crack at the song.  Oh and I got the tabs from Ukulele-Tabs site.