Monday 9 April 2012

Summary of Learning

As my final semester of University approaches the end, I found myself completing my final project for ECMP 355.  Essentially, I had to summarize what I had learned in the course over the semester and present it in the format of my choice.  This wasn't going to be an easy task because I've honestly learned so much over the past semester I didn't know how I was going to fit it all into a 5 minute presentation.
One of the most important things that I learned this semester is the importance of connecting and collaborating with others online.  Whether it was commenting on blogs, sharing idea's through twitter or becoming involved with the online community of Youtube, I feel that those experiences have truly helped me to grow as a person.  I'm sure that if it wasn't for the connections that I've made online I wouldn't have been able to progress as much as I did in my learning project. While others have contributed a lot to my learning this semester, I've also tried to repay the favour by doing my best to contribute to the learning of others as well.  I've compiled google doc of some of my experiences contributing to the learning of others!

Now onto my Summary of learning:
As I thought about the project, I remembered how much fun I had in High School creating Stop Motion movies, so I jumped at the opportunity to try it again.  When looking about how I wanted to structure my Stop Motion project, an even cooler idea hit me-- "What if I could use Stop Animation to put myself into a video game and summarize my learning that way?"  Building off this idea, I decided to import myself into the original Super Mario Game for Nintendo.  As I go along through the level,  I encounter many artifacts that symbolize some of the most important things I learned this semester.

 Note: After the initial video concludes I have replayed it again at a reduced speed and have inserted a commentary explaining why I chose each artifact and how they were essential to my learning. 
Here's my Summary of Learning:

 If you're curious about what tools I used to complete my Summary of Learning, check out my blog post about on it!


  1. Holy man! This blew my MIND!!! By far my favourite summary of learning. Kudos! This took so much work, but totally worth it- a masterpiece!

    1. Thanks, I appreciate the comment! I also really enjoyed your Summary of Learning. You did an awesome job combining so many different programs (Screen Casting, Videos, Images etc.) into one really professional presentation!