Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Tech Task #3

For my Third Tech Task I needed to create a budget spreadsheet on google docs using the data provided to me by my professor. Once I completed entering in the data and all doing the calculations(the SUM formula was great for this), I couldn't decide how to make it an attractive spreadsheet. My impulse was to centre everything, but some of the data looked out of place, so I kept everything aligned to the left. The other impulse I had was to make all the columns different colour's because it would look cool. However, once I did it I had trouble reading some of my labels, so I decided to stick with plain white text and colour the background of the cell instead. My last touch was to colour the background of every second cell to make my data easier to read. To see my final product you go to my Spreadsheet on Google Docs. 

Here's a humourous picture I found online that reminded me of my mindset when I first learned Microsoft Excel! 

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